07 May


I love conversing with anyone who’s taking time out of their life to read books, to share their thoughts, to discuss their own lives. It brings a sense of connection and community to us all.

Life is rich with people around us and nothing enhances our own lives more than when we can share experiences. I have met some of the most amazing people over the decades and this still continues to this very day. We are human and to share a part of ourselves with one another is a sense of fulfillment that make us human, to care, to feel, to give.

I’ve been blessed to spend nearly twenty eight years involved in the financial and  mental health fields. It has allowed me to be introduced intimately into the lives of thousands of individuals and their experiences.  I’ve been moved with these amazing individuals the sorrow, the glee, the true ups and lowest of lows. I’ve sat silently embracing their tragedies, sorrows and victories in the same room sharing stories of misery, hope and inspiration. From my soul, I bring these conversations and my arms-around-their shoulders to the themes within my stories. These are their stories. These are stories of humanity. It has given me decades of humbling self-reflection and perspective.